As we all know, you can't create just one concept and be done. I took some of my brainstorming ideas and brought them to life including font studies and color studies. I tried to create a few different simple styles that could easily be converted to black and white logos as needed. I also pulled a number of logos from the internet that I liked for inspiration.

Below is the first round of iterations. Along with this I decided to go with a longtime childhood nickname for my own brand. It seems to stand out a bit more and is bit more fun than plain old Jackie or Jacqueline (Sorry Mom, I know you really love my full name because it is classy but let's face it, if you know me I am anything but high class.)

To continue with yesterday's post, after taking the time to work on the first brainstorm, I began to brainstorm the look I wanted for my logo including color and name. After a lot of thought, I realized my regular name doesn't really show my fun side so I decided to go with a nickname close friends and family have always used.

As far as color, I wanted to show my love of nature in my logo so I broke down and got myself a Pantone swatch book. It is far easier than choosing colors on the computer plus now my brand can have PMS numbers attached to it because who doesn't love a solid PMS color. I am also excited to start color matching random things around my home.

Next up is the excitement of color and font studies!

Hi friends,

I decided to add a bit of a blog here as well. I am assuming if you have come to my website, you are here to learn a bit about me. It is always difficult deciding where to begin so let's just dive in.

After a summer of travel and soul searching, I am coming back full force into the wonderful world of design. A few friends requested logos for their businesses which got me thinking... I do not have a brand for myself. At which point I realized, hey Jax, how can you sit and tell employers you want to be a brand designer when you don't even have one of your own? These first few posts are going to follow this process at which point I also plan to redo this website I spent so much time on to follow my own brand.

As we know, all good design starts with a solid brainstorm. I made sure to grab a glass of wine and toss on some quality reality tv knowing watching a bunch of middle aged white woman yelling at each other would really help get those juices flowing. As you can see, I jotted down a number of ideas even getting some inspiration and writing in different colors as Paris does in her extremely professional new cooking show on Netflix. (I only yelled "what are you even doing" at the television a few times)